Uptime on Shopify vs Adobe's Magento Cloud

Uptime Unveiled

If Adobe's Magento Cloud Commerce Cloud has a guaranteed minimum of 99.99% uptime and Shopify has 99.99% uptime as a platform then is uptime irrelevant when evaluating which platform will better support your ecommerce?

When looking at uptime on Adobe's Magento Cloud or Shopify it is important to consider what uptime actually means on each platform and the easiest place to do that is in each respective platform's terms and conditions. At first glance the terms and conditions for uptime on Shopify and Adobe's Magento Cloud have similarities. Both platforms exclude planned downtime and maintenance, as well as major or natural catastrophic events outside of each parties control from their 99.99% uptime guarantee. So what is left that differentiates the two?

Examining Terms and Conditions

As a PaaS, Adobe's Magento Cloud’s uptime promises do not cover customization or misconfiguration, improper use of the platform or exceeding resource limits. Adobe's Magento Cloud also does not include third-party software dependencies or any downtime due to unavailability or issues with integrated third-party service examples include; payment gateways, shipping providers and others.

On the other hand Shopify’s uptime promises include availability of product catalog display, shopping cart functionality, payment processing, order management, and customer account management as well as third-Party Integrations. If you have integrated any third-party services or apps with your Shopify store, uptime also includes the availability and functioning of those integrations. This ensures that all connected services and apps are working as expected without any disruptions. Shopify’s ecosystem also includes apps like Uptime which monitors for downtime to ensure you know the moment there's an issue that could impact your revenue, saving merchants' sales, protecting ad spend, and expediting resolution.

Overcoming Past Concerns

There was a time in ecommerce where there was uncertainty around Shopify’s uptime abilities surrounding handling high traffic events - those concerns are of the past the Vaan team launched Hailey Bieber's Rhode site as she was walking across the stage of Good Morning America to introduce her brand without a single hiccup.

The Gaps in Magento's Uptime Promises

So what does this mean? Adobe's Magento Cloud’s uptime promises leave large gaps where downtime is possible and is not considered under their calculation of almost 100% uptime. Adobe’s Magento Cloud does provide live site availability monitoring via automated notifications to identify whether the root cause stems from the Magento or Client side. Ownership of troubleshooting activities from that point forward will depend on if the issue stems from Magento’s core application/infrastructure or the Merchant’s customizations.

Ultimately, inefficient code or extensions, heavy database usage, or inadequate server resources, payment provider outages and software updates all fall outside of the 99.99% guarantee Magento promises, leaving us with the hypothesis that if the terms on Shopify and Adobe's Magento Cloud’s uptime did match the numbers would tell a very different story.

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