We're a digital agency offering a variety of services

  • UX Consultants

    Structured for enterprise e-commerce brands making over $50M+ annually, our UX service brings us in-house, on-site for 2-4 days per week. We unify business requirements, creative requests, and technical constraints into highly functional and user-friendly designs.

  • Design & Technology Partners

    From high growth to enterprise merchants, we partner with brands to deliver beautiful, functional and unique e-commerce experiences that stand out from the crowd. We love pushing boundaries and solving business problems through design and technology.

  • Optimization & Strategy

    Designed for merchants making over $5M+ annually, we partner with brands to optimize their e-commerce KPIs like conversion rate, average order value, and units per transaction. Our team of e-commerce strategists lead the charge on usability testing, user research, heuristic and data analysis to devise an actionable roadmap for site enhancements and A/B testing, while our product and engineering experts unify business requirements, creative requests, and technical contraints into tactical implementation plans.

Platform Partnerships

  • Platform Partnerships
  • User Research & Testing

    The cornerstone of an iterative development process, research and testing are used to inform, substantiate, and provide feedback on product decisions that place the user’s wants and needs at the forefront.

  • Prototyping

    Bridging the gap between static mockups and web experiences, our interaction design team creates rich interactive prototypes for user testing, board presentations, and development hand-off.

  • User Persona Development

    Conducting user interviews and developing personas that can be used for developing deeper more meaningful experiences for brands’ customers.

  • Customer Journey & Product Requirements

    Armed with data and personas, we develop user journeys that are synonymous with product requirements.

  • User Experience Design

    With a strict focus on user journeys, we design pages and complete flows that reflect our understanding of the customer.

  • User Experience Website Analysis

    Identifying critical weaknesses and potential areas for optimization in a user journey early on in a project helps to establish product priorities and what can be left in the backlog.

  • Custom Shopify Plus Themes

    We design branded web experiences for e-commerce companies that want to stand out from the crowd. For the past 5 years, we've built a custom theme framework that allows us to build anything in the Shopify Plus environment.

  • Custom Applications

    We help people design, build, and launch incredible applications that transform their business. Whether it's an internal tool for a fortune 100 company, a startup, or SME looking to grow to new heights, we'll take your idea from 0 to 1.

  • Churn Retention Portal for ReCharge

    As ReCharge partners and experts, we build custom account dashboards that reduce churn and increase average order value. We also build custom front-end experiences that deliver personalized subscription options.

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  • Subscription eCommerce Analysis

    Subscription-based e-commerce is different from traditional e-commerce. High-level metrics don't drive winning strategy decisions. We've developed our own analytics dashboard specifically for subscription e-commerce reporting so that clients can optimize their product portfolio, develop customer retention strategies, and impress investors with reliable data.

  • Multi-step front-end experiences

    Using our CTO's state machine building block (it's open source btw), we design and build quizzes, qualification forms, product configurators and more. Delivering personalized experiences and rich data for our clients.

  • A/B Testing

    Using Convert.com, we validate our design ideas with tests to ensure our improvements are moving the needle.