rhode is a a new philosophy on skincare developed by HAILEY RHODE BIEBER. We designed and developed the website for one of the biggest one-day launches in Shopify history.

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We're Vaan - the design and technology behind the best brands.

Our technology becomes the foundation upon which businesses scale their operations, escalate their marketing efforts and grow their sales. Most of the time we're building commerce engines. Other times we're architecting software. It's always all digital.

eCommerce Optimization

We partner with clients as a full-service eCommerce team. Our eCommerce optimization service delivers clients product strategy, CRO analysis, creative design, UX research, and test development. Too many brands spend too much money solving problems that don't matter. Using problem-centric, hypothesis-driven thinking, we help our clients think clearly about their digital experience and its goals - and we have the talent to deliver results.

Design & Technology Partners

From branding through implementation, we partner with organizations to deliver immersive digital experiences. From award-winning web design to high-performing digital products our work delights, converts, and scale based on our partners' needs. We specialize in Shopify Plus.

Click. Boom.

Mama Joyce Peppa Sauce

Our spiciest launch to date, the purveyor behind this family-owned generational peppa sauce brand asked us to deliver a website that tasted as good as the sauce. We think we rose to the occassion with an eye-catching yet dead simple shopping experience for the new brand. This site has won multiple design awards which resulted in more than 60,000 website views in their first week!


The brief: relaunch an iconic shoe from the 70s online. The result was a one of a kind story-telling experience that balances content x commerce.

Venus Et Fleur

Venus ET Fleur’s Eternity® had two problems. First, their existing website design did not match the chic, elegant quality and experience of the brand. Second, their backend systems were struggling to scale with the business. Then we stepped in.

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Extra Butter

Extra Butter New York, an iconic streetwear retailer, premieres cinematic shopping experiences daily. With leading design collaborations and a hard-to-get, highly curated product line, Extra Butter is globally recognized as a top-tier boutique and independent lifestyle label.

To deliver a similar experience online, we engineered a bevy of unique UI, search, and back-end application solutions.

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Expertise & Offerings

Using our agency's expertise and technical building blocks, we design impactful experiences and give websites superpowers that propel our clients to the next level.


Bridging the gap between static mockups and web experiences, our interaction design team creates rich interactive prototypes for user testing, board presentations, and development hand-off.

Multi-step front-end experiences

Using our CTO's state machine building block (it's open source btw), we design and build quizzes, qualification forms, product configurators and more. Delivering personalized experiences and rich data for our clients.

Seller Platform and PIM for the UK's Hottest Sneaker Shop

Kick Game asked us to build them custom software to do things:

1) Enable sneaker resellers from all over Europe to list shoes on their Shopify store and get paid when they sell 2) Build a product inventory management system to track every single item in the Kick Game universe.

Muri Lelu

We've launched our first CBD merchant: Muri Lelu. A female-owned purveyor of whole flower cannabis sativa skincare. Plant Magic with a whimsical website to boot. Read more on Vogue:

Based in NY with a global reach

Our agency has embraced #remoteworkculture and has reaped the benefits of thoughtful asynchronous communication, fostered decentralized command, and harnessed the power of uninterrupted focus.

Our Ethos

We're proud supporters of Code Nation, and the LEDA Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America. We are always open to pro bono opportunities for missions we're aligned with.