UX/UI Improvements increase conversion rates and revenue per visitor (RPV) for Ann Inc.

Project Overview

The purpose of this case study was to illustrate the relationship between The Vaan Group UX/UI design and an increase in sales on the Ann Taylor mobile site. The primary metrics that were used to define “increased sales” were conversion rate and revenue per visitor (RPV). The Vaan Group redesigned the Ann Taylor mobile site, which was released to the public in a series of A/B tests with the legacy site. From September 8, 2016 to September 14, 2016, Ann Inc. conducted a key performance indicator (kpi) report on The Vaan Group’s version of the Ann Taylor mobile site that showed a 4.17% higher conversion rate and 12.73% higher RPV than the legacy site.

The Results

Thoughtful Design Decisions

We increased the shopping bag icon ~10 pixels wider and 5 pixels taller on the new website. We did this to ensure we're following Apple recommends as a minimum size in the “iOS Human Interface Guidelines”.

Shopping cart comparison
Subcategories are optimized and clearer visual hierarchy
Credit Card and Gift Card page links added to Navigation menu. Iconography added to right side of menu.