Scaling the premier floral atelier Venus Et Fleur

Project Overview

Venus ET Fleur curates luxurious, handcrafted floral arrangements for A-listers and romantics around the world. New York City’s premier bespoke rose atelier, Venus ET Fleur has grown to more than $20M in global revenue in three years.

Venus ET Fleur approached us with a multitude of challenges. Their existing website design did not match the chic, elegant quality and experience of the brand. During our engagement, we designed, developed, and implemented extensive front-end and back-end solutions—delivering the unparalleled reputation of Venus ET Fleur’s Eternity® Roses to their customers on the web.

Xavier and Vaan Group have continued to impress me with their elegant, scalable solutions to our daily business challenges. Working with them has been beyond pleasurable, and I am thankful to now consider Xavier a great acquaintance.

- Dax Miller, Venus Et Fleur

Managing Millions of Possible Combinations

We started with a full visual overhaul and designed a new website theme to perfectly convey the Venus ET Fleur brand. A soft and appealing color palette, smooth hover interactions, and an intuitive layout match the luxuriousness of their products.

A hallmark of Venus ET Fleur’s offerings is customization. Visitors can modify the items in a collection or completely design their own floral arrangement, resulting in over 20,000,000 million possible combinations.

The existing website did not support direct links to custom products. Users—and Venus ET Fleur themselves—could not share links for any modified boxes.

So, we architected a full-featured product customizer system. Now, every single box-and-rose combination (all 500,000+ of them) have a unique product link to be shared across all marketing channels.

Our product customizer system substantially improved Venus ET Fleur’s social and email marketing capabilities. Today, Venus ET Fleur can advertise any and all of their custom products—and visitors can share them just as easily.

Product Generator

Before our engagement, customers were confused by incorrect product images. The original website could not accommodate the amount of potential box-and-rose combinations. If the proper photo did not exist, the website displayed a mismatched image.

To solve this significant issue, we engineered a comprehensive product-generating system. Our solution allows Venus ET Fleur to assign real product photos to all of the box-and-rose combinations.

Better yet, Venus ET Fleur didn’t have to upload 500,000+ photos. In the absence of a real image, our product-generating system displays a photorealistic rendering of the floral arrangement—including the user’s box and rose customizations.

Component-based Product Data

Venus ET Fleur also faced several back-end difficulties.

One floral arrangement includes a box, lid, and roses, along with other items. Unfortunately, the previous implementation did not track individual components. As a result, Venus ET Fleur could not utilize any type of inventory management solution.

We understood the implication and completely re-engineered Venus ET Fleur’s product data structure. Our implementation componentizes final arrangements into boxes, quantity of roses, and any additional components (e.g. custom lids, greeting cards).

The improved product data structure facilitates granular inventory tracking of all components. Integrated with our stencil editor, dynamic information—including the number of roses in an arrangement—is displayed to visitors at checkout.

Improvement in SEO

Our data structure solution is making positive impacts on Venus ET Fleur’s bottom line.

Previously, their product data feed blueprint was limited, which resulted in significant potential revenue loss and inadequate SEO.

We ensured every box-and-rose combination would be generated as a product to be indexed by Google’s product data feed. This essential step continually enhances potential revenue and SEO for Venus ET Fleur.

A first-in-class brand requires a first-in-class website. In addition to the aforementioned improvements, we revamped the Venus ET Fleur blog. The new look is an extension of the broader website and further conveys the elegance of the bespoke brand.

As a sought-after gift for corporate and special events, Venus ET Fleur’s custom arrangements are frequently featured in various media outlets, including television shows, magazines, and websites.

For the finishing touch, we implemented a new design for Venus ET Fleur’s Press & Celebrities portal. The result is a one-of-a-kind showcase that highlights the impact of Venus ET Fleur in mainstream culture.

Fleur’s Eternity® Roses are second to none, and we created a digital experience that lives up to their reputation.

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    YoY Revenue Growth