About Time We Talk About the “About” Page

The "About" page often gets relegated to website purgatory – a neglected corner collecting dust, the last to be considered and the first to be forgotten. But for brands and web design and development agencies, it should be a sacred space. Here's why:

Every merchant wants the same thing for their website: a balance of brand focus and performance optimization, also known as Brand Conversion Design. The only page on the website exclusively designated for brand is the About page. Sure, it might only capture 1% of your traffic, but that 1% represents visitors that have gone beyond the homepage fluff and want to delve deeper. They care about your story, your team, and your approach. These are your most loyal customers, deeply resonating with your brand's DNA.

Effective About Pages Include the Following Elements:

  • Story of Your “Why”
  • People Behind the Brand
  • Values of the Brand
  • Call to Action

Story of Your “Why”:

Why does telling the story of your brand matter?

Sharing your brand's story goes beyond simply listing features. It's about building a bridge of understanding with your audience and creating a narrative that becomes the foundation for a strong relationship. This story reveals your "why" – the purpose and mission that drive your company, its values, and its goals. This transparency fosters trust and builds credibility with potential customers.

But the power of brand storytelling goes deeper. People connect with passion. Sharing the story behind your brand's creation allows customers to see the human element, the spark that ignited your business. This emotional connection fosters a sense of loyalty and support. In a crowded marketplace, differentiation is key. Your story showcases what makes your brand unique, highlighting the special qualities that set you apart. This attracts customers who share your values and resonate with your mission.


The story of Ruso Sorzana, with a mission to capture the essence of Patagonian living and translate it into clothing that reflects a life lived in the moment.

A genuine story is inherently authentic. It demonstrates transparency and honesty, both vital for building long-lasting customer relationships. People are more likely to trust and connect with a brand that feels real, especially one with a powerful narrative like Tewun. It adds depth, meaning, and relatability, making your brand more than just a product or service. It becomes a story they can connect with.

People Behind the Brand:

Don't underestimate the power of the human touch.

Highlighting the faces and stories of the people who drive your brand goes beyond simple bios. Visitors are more likely to engage with the brand when they see the people behind it. It personalizes your company, fostering a sense of connection and relatability with your audience. Sharing the journeys of your founders, leaders, and key team members demonstrates the real, passionate individuals behind the brand.

Epic Gardening

Epic Gardening showcases a community of experts, writers, and gardening enthusiasts. Real people who are there to empower you on your gardening journey.


Diemonde highlights the story of their founder, Angelo De Silviera, who challenged the status quo combining global street culture with Scandinavian aesthetics.

Daniels Jewelers

Daniels Jewelers effectively humanizes their brand by highlighting their multi-generational family involvement and commitment to personalized customer care.

The Power of Values

Highlighting the values of the brand on the About page helps define the company’s identity, build trust, differentiate from competitors, and create strong connections with customers and employees.

It is a powerful way to communicate what the brand stands for, why it matters, and what makes it special. Including the values behind the brand also helps to enhance brand storytelling and attract like minded shoppers increasing the likelihood of conversion, higher average order value, and increased return customer rate.

Early Majority

Early Majority, an outdoor clothing company, integrates its commitment to sustainability throughout their site, venturing beyond their About Page. They showcase eco-friendly materials they use in their projects and highlight their team's passion for environmental responsibility.


Rhode showcases their commitment to simplicity, authenticity, quality, and transparency. Going beyond their About page, by showing ingredients to their products right in the PDP.


Tossware highlights their values of everyday celebration and sustainability, building trust with eco-conscious customers.

Call to Action

Calls to action (CTAs) on the About Us page are strategic tools for guiding visitors towards the next step in their journey. These CTAs can be anything from signing up for a newsletter to exploring products or contacting the company directly. By strategically placing CTAs on the About Us page, companies can capitalize on the visitor's existing interest and convert that curiosity into further engagement, such as deeper exploration of the website or a direct connection with the brand.


Hexclad takes advantage of their visitors' curiosity and guides them towards the next step in their buying journey with CTA’s like “Shop Cookware”, “Sign Up”, “Learn More” etc..


Aesop starts with their brand’s history and mission statement before urging the user to dive deeper into their approach.


Ruffwear’s mission of sustainability urges the visitor to “Learn More” or “Read the Report” to dive deeper into their environmental promise.

What to Avoid on an About Page

Even if you don’t follow all the tips above, make sure to steer clear of these common pitfalls:

  • Stock Photos & Bland Text: Clichéd images and generic copy scream "uninspired."
  • All About You, Not About Them: Focus on how you benefit your clients, not just how awesome you think your agency is.
  • Missing the Human Touch: People connect with people. Showcase your team and their personalities.
  • Non-existent Call to Action: Don't leave visitors wondering what to do next.

An Ode to the About Page

By creating a cohesive brand narrative that flows from your About page to every corner of your website, you'll create a powerful and memorable user experience. Visitors won't just understand what you do, they'll understand why you do it, and how it aligns with their own values. This kind of deep connection is the key to attracting the right kind of clients and fostering long-term brand loyalty.